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RentalRoost uses proprietary mathematical algorithms to make property recommendations based on a variety of factors including user interests and location data.
We personalize our property and neighborhood recommendations to reflect the unique tastes of each user based on their preferences and needs.
While we take every care to ensure our data is accurate, users should verify this data with their own research.

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Mission District , San Francisco, California


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Pedestrian Friendly
Transportation Friendly
School Rating
Shopping Score
Fine Dining
Kids Friendly
Pets Friendly
Art & Culture
If you love the pedestrian lifestyle, this score is critical to finding a rental that meets your needs. has been the industry leader in providing the best measure of how walkable a neighborhood is. The higher the walkscore, the more likely it is that most of your daily errands can be performed on foot. This ultimately translates to a more active lifestyle and a stronger sense of community.
Transit Score
This score is extremely important for commuters. Transit scores are calculated based on how close the home is to public transportation and major freeways. The higher the transit score, the easier it is to commute to locations around the area.
School Rating
Greatschools has been the go-to resource for school ratings for house-hunters for over a decade. We use their scores to help parents determine whether a rental is within a school district where schools have high Greatschools scores.
Shopping Score
RentalRoost formulates this score based on the number of various shops and stores, whether it's a boutique, a department store or a neighborhood market. Shopaholics as well as the occasional window shopper will find this useful for their retail therapy.
Fine Dining Score
If you enjoy frequenting new eateries around your home, this score would be useful in helping you find a perfect home with several popular restaurants nearby.
Kids Friendly Score
Using our own proprietary algorithm, we calculate how kid-friendly a neighborhood is based on proximity to schools, parks and general demographics of the neighborhood.
Pets Friendly Score
This state-of-the-art score can help you find a neighborhood where there are plenty of dog parks, groomers, doggie daycares, and other necessities to make your four-legged family member feel right at home.
Art & Culture Score
Craving entertainment outside the home? This score can help you find a home with plenty of cultural activities nearby, whether it's a local theater, a thriving ballet company, art galleries, the cinema or other such activities.

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